UFC 207 will comprise the long-awaited yield of Ronda Rousey. Since Rousey lost the UFC bantamweight name to Holly Holm at UFC 193, the ring has been tossed around like a game of hot potato from Holm into Miesha Tate to Amanda Nunes. Rousey does not have an easy task to reclaim the name, as Nunes is an aggressive finisher.
The co-main occasion features another title battle, as Dominick Cruz seems to shield his bantamweight title against heavy-hitting Cody Garbrandt. Together with Cruz and Garbrandt chirping every other contributing into the struggle, you need to expect some fireworks.
Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey
Nunes is one of the best finishers in MMA now, as 12 of her 13 victories have come via stoppage. Through the early part of her career, she got by on her bodily presents but has been gaining the technical skills to cooperate with it. The biggest leaps and bounds have come from the standup game, as she’s learning how to harness her length and electricity thanks to her work at American Top Team.
Nunes’ wrestling abilities are not exactly stellar offensively, but she’s great at maintaining the battle standing so that she can utilize her natural power. If she is able to get into the clinch, she’s strong and will frequently use this ability as a faux wrestling game by minding her opponent to the ground with her strikes.
Top control is vital to Nunes on the floor, as any extra strain on her cardio is damning for your winner. If she can attain top position, she’s brutal ground and pound that capitalizes on her ability and her long achieve relative to the division. The Brazilian has a black belt in BJJ, but rarely uses it from the top unless she can find her opponent’s back.
There were two large knocks on Nunes throughout her career: one is aerobic and the other is struggle IQ. To be very frank, her cardio is poor. She gases early and she has never been in a position to put forth much of an effort beyond the next round. Nunes has made some questionable decisions in the Octagon, but training at ATT and only having more experience in the cage have helped to temper this situation.
MMA is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately game. Rousey was its main celebrity until her mystique-shattering loss to Holly Holm. Ever since then, people are quick to discuss Rousey. However, occasionally a reduction is exactly what a fighter should get back on track (*cough* Conor McGregor *cough*).

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